Top Ambit Leaders

Ambit Yellow Jacket Mentoring Live

Date & Location

Friday, February 15, 2013 - Saturday February 16, 2013
Ambit Training Center
1875 W. Walnut Hill Lane
Suite 100
Irving, Texas 75038

Event Description

Every participant of the inaugural Yellow Jacket Mentoring Live weekend is invited to join us for the next step in our journey together. Our teamwork training will encompass the following:

  • Review and discussion of our inaugural Yellow Jacket Mentoring Live weekend together
  • Goal setting within a team environment
  • The qualities of being a team player
  • The dynamics of being a team leader
  • We will create yellow jacket mentoring live teams that will take the teachings of this weekend forward thru the year 2013

This weekend is for those of you who are committed not only to improving yourself but learning team building skills that not only can greatly improve your earnings in Ambit Energy but will be dramatically impactful in other aspects of your life as well.


The cost which will include lunch both days will be $179 per person. Having experienced the value produced during our first weekend together I am committed to the same simple money back guarantee as before: After the first day if you choose not to participate for the final day just ask for a refund and I will write you a check on the spot with NO questions asked or having to give any reason for quitting!


This will be two days of intense, transformational training. In order for everyone to achieve maximum benefit, we will adhere to our previous house rules:

We will begin Friday and Saturday at 9:00am sharp. The doors will be open at 8:00am. The training room doors will close at 9:01am. If you are not in the room you will be disqualified from participating for the remainder of the weekend. Please keep Friday night open, just in case we run short on time and need to stay late. We will end our session at 6:00pm or earlier on Saturday.

Cell phones will need to be turned off during our training sessions and lunch. Taking/screening calls, texting or web surfing is not allowed. We will have 15 minute breaks mid morning, before lunch, after lunch and mid afternoon so that you can check your messages and make necessary calls. In cases of true emergency please have your family call our reception desk at 972-600-8094.

Lunch will be a catered interactive working session, so you will not be able to leave for lunch. Fish will be served to those that contacted our office with a non meat preference.

Dress is comfortable business casual (nice blue jeans are acceptable).


Rooms are available at the Wingate by Wyhdham for $55.00 per night. Remember to ask for the Ambit room rate.

Wingate by Wynham

Phone: 972.751.1031

850 W. Walnut Hill Lane
Irving, Texas 75038


Registration is by invitation only. Every participant who completed the inaugural Yellow Jacket Mentoring Live weekend will receive an email invitation to sign up for this Yellow Jacket Mentoring Live Team Building weekend. Registration will close December 31 at midnight. No exceptions whatsoever.

Terms & Conditions

Tickets are non refundable. Cancellations will be rolled over to our next Yellow Jacket Mentoring Weekend event.

Due to the intense nature of this workshop, if a registrant decides to quit during or after the first day of training, he or she will be granted a full refund.

Tickets are non-transferrable.

Registrants agree to receive email communications regarding the Yellow Jacket Mentoring Live event and other Ambit related events or information. Registrants may opt out of communication anytime by contacting us at

Registrants may be required to present photo ID when redeeming their tickets.